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At MEA, nothing is more important to us than delivering our Members real solutions to their everyday HR challenges. We spend a great deal of time choosing which tools and programs will offer you the most value. Our due diligence is so extensive because the recommendations we make are trusted by you and other Members. Missing the mark is not an option.

Vado is a bullseye.
Here's why.

With over 375 diverse micro-learning, mobile-friendly courses, Vado delivers the perfect combination of depth of knowledge and accessibility. Not only that, they package complementary courses into bundles for a fully comprehensive learning experience.

What's more, each course quickly pulls the learner in, inspiring a desire to want to improve. Delivered in bite-sized chunks, they're considerate of the learner's time while remaining insightful, memorable and, most importantly, immediately actionable.

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A Corporate Vision Magazine Award Winner

Named Best Corporate E-Learning Training Provider - USA (2018)