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Coaching Services

Today's workforce actively seeks employers who will support them on their development journey and help them find purpose and passion in their work. As an employer, you risk losing your people to employers who prioritize personal and professional growth. MEA's coaching services will help you develop current and future leaders, engage and retain employees, increase team productivity, support new managers, and unlock previously untapped skillsets and strengths.

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3 Ways to Bring Coaching to Your People (or Organization):

  • 1:1 Performance & Executive Coaching

    Support to help your leaders get better and do better—This individual program includes data collection, the creation of a customized development plan, and bi-weekly support. Coaching concludes with the creation of a continuous development plan for your people leaders.

  • Group Coaching

    Leaders aren't born; they're developed—This program combines training workshops and other readymade content with 1:1 and group coaching to improve the adoption of the skills needed for your leaders to get better and do better.

  • Team Coaching

    A good team is priceless. A bad team can cost you everything—We work with big and small teams using the Get Real Leadership Model® to transform your poorly performing teams into positive, productive, high-performing teams. For your teams that are doing well, we work with them to do even better!

Show support for your people by partnering with MEA. As your preferred coaching partner, we are dedicated to helping your people reach their full potential.